Meow, so UwU

Asobou? Sakura Neko is just a baby. Will you play with her?

Meet Sakura Neko

Refreshing like a spring breeze, Sakura Neko is your new number one, reflecting tokens to your wallet on every transaction. What are you waiting for, Baka!?

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Built with tried and true tokenomics, Sakura Neko is always preparing itself for the next big arc.

Original Supply

1,000,000,000,000 tokens for all Sakura Neko's feline friends to gobble up!

Healthy Redistribution

5% Added to Liquidity to ensure a healthy liquidity ratio
3% Goes to the Marketing Wallet
1% Is redistributed to holders

Profit from Holding

Sakura Neko scavenges tokens from every transaction and distributes it back out. That means your wallet grows stronger every day you hold!

Stealth Launch

Silent as a Shinobi on a still night. Sakura Neko appeared one day, appearing only to those who were ready to accept its call. No presale wallets.

Our Roadmap

The journey ahead is as long and full of plot twists! This is what you should expect for the time being, but remember! Sakura Neko is always curious and keeping an eye on shiny objects. Know that much can change and be added to this process...

😺 But for now, enjoy the show! 😺

1 Holder

$NEKO launch
Website Launch
Tappy Cat Released
Community Contests

10000 Holders

User Rewards Program
Major Publication Blitz
Sakura Secret Preview
More Coming Soon

25000 Holders

More Coming Soon

1000 Holders

CoinGecko Listing
CoinMarketCap Listing
Big Cameos / Influencer Marketing
Major Token Partnerships

Sakura Neko's Play to Earn Game

You can exchange 1000 sakura's for 1$ worth of $NEKO. For now you will need to message one of our community managers on Telegram, but we are looking to automate this proccess

Frequently Asked Questions

how do I buy Sakura Neko?

First, you'll head over to Poocoin. Head to the top right corner and go ahead and connect your preferred wallet (Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc.)

You can then start swapping for Sakura Neko! Use auto-slippage and PooCoin will properly adjust to make sure your transaction goes cleanly and adjust for any rounding errors.

are you on social media?

Of course! Our socials can be found below...

what is the official token ID?


why does the coin not show up in TrustWallet?

The most common reason for this is that you still need to add Sakura Neko as a custom token.

Here's how to do so:

1) Click on the search token button and start typing. Once you see "add custom token" go ahead and click it.

Fill in Sakura Neko's custom token ID : 0x2c5f1769b819b5e70aa7106c989d38ad71ba2546

3) Fill the token details with the name as well. Also make sure to select the Binance Smart Chain.

4) NEKO should now appear in your wallet. If you still have questions, you can ask in TG.

what is Sakura Neko?

Launched on October 29th, 2021, National Cat Day, Sakura Neko is a BSC cryptocurrency taking over both the Weebcoin and Cat Coin markets that are running the memecoin market!

Sakura Neko is the cutest cat around and here to flip the whole Doge narrative upside down. Add a feline presence to your portfolio for the most memeable creatures around.

Initial supply: 1,000,000,000,000

what does it mean to lock liquidity?

After the contract is created, initial liquidity is provided to enable trading. This liquidity grows in value as Sakura Neko continues to moon.

LP tokens would allow the developer to remove this liquidity at any point, disabling trading and removing value from all tokens in circulation.

To prevent this from even being a possibility, Sakura Neko's LP tokens have been locked away, inaccessible for a full year, subject to extensions, so you feel secure that you trading safely.

do you have proof of the LP burn or the contract being renounced?

Yes we do! See below.

why are people saying this is rug-proof?

Because we have locked our liquidity, developers will not be able to disable trading or pull the funds accumulated into the contract through trading, which provides the value for NEKO. This means the playing field is fair game, and the token can go as far as the community, and the team would like to push it.

Furthermore, the aggressive tax being added to liquidity creates a larger and larger cushion, and reduces the price volatility as the coin gains traction, effectively making trading the token "comfier and comfier".